Business reasearch methods Report

Business reasearch methods Report

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Assume you have been invited to do some commissioned business research (which means no problems about access to an organisation).

Choose one of the two tasks listed below (A or B), and write short answers to the following. Please note that this is a report. Should be in a report format, covering your discussion to the 5 quesions

1. What type of research method would you believe to be appropriate? Justify your choice.

2. What type of instrument(s) would you use? How would you validate your instrument(s)?

3. How would you analyse and present your results? In this connection, what skills would you need to call on or acquire?

4. How would you handle questions of ethics in doing the research?

5. What particular problems may be associated with commissioned research?

A. A small company is having high staff turnover, and wishes to investigate underlying reasons.

B. A company wants an evaluation of employees’ satisfaction with its human resource management policies, including a comparison between the attitudes of workers at different job levels.

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