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You have been asked by the Head of Human Resources of International Conglomerates (IC) to conduct a research project concerning performance management. Over the last 5 years it has been noticed that absence rates across their sales divisions have been markedly above the industry average; the organisation operates sales teams across three sites in France, India, and Brazil. The number of employees in each team are as follows: France 55; India 123; Brazil 35. Each team is led by a regional sales manager who reports directly to the Head of Sales in each country. You have been tasked to investigate why absence rates are above the industry average. The Head of Human Resources has requested that you submit a research proposal to investigate absence rates using either a quantitative, qualitative, or a mixed methods research design (for example, a concurrent or sequential data collection strategy). You are to produce a research proposal that shows how you intend to conduct this investigation, and it should contain the following sections:

Introduction (300 words)

• x Research purpose statement, aims, and objectives and research title

Literature review (900 words)

Research Design and Methodology (1350 words)

• x Paradigm of Enquiry

• x Research Methodology

• x Data Collection Methods

• x Data Analysis procedures/techniques

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