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Chapter 5 critique/ 5 arguments and critical thinking questions

Paper details:
Direction: Please read chapter 5 in your text and complete the required two page review. Your review document should include the following: 1) at least five major arguments presented in the chapter or at least five things you learned from reading the chapter, PLEASE NOTE – Just listing five items will not guarantee you full points, each point should be clearly identified (1, 2, 3, etc.) and discussed, and (2) a brief critique of the reading. You are also required to raise at least one question from the reading and post this on the discussion board. Answer the following questions after completing the two page writing; 1 page consist of a critique of the chapter 2 page should include the five arguments. please number the arguments and answer the critical thinking questions separately. 1. Describe the historical development of policing in America. What impact did the Prohibition era have on the development of American policing? 2. Why are there so many different types of law enforcement agencies in the United States? What problems, if any, do you think are created by such a diversity of agencies? 3. What is evidence-based policing? What assumptions about police work have scientific studies of law enforcement called into question? What other assumptions made about police work today might be similarly questioned or studied? 4. What problems do officers face in policing a multicultural society? Describe the importance of connections between the police and this society.

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