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Chapters 9 & 10 in American: Past and Present by Robert Divine

A. Chapter Questions

Read Chapters 9 & 10 in America: Past and Present by Robert Divine and answer the following questions. (CH 9 & 10 is part of the textbook, no worries I attached a powerpoint of each chapter).

1. What were the major foreign policy objectives of the United States between 1815 and 1824?

2. In what ways did the transportation revolution contribute to the development of a national market economy in the United States between 1815 and 1840?

3. How did the Supreme Court under John Marshall’s leadership enhance the growth nationalism and strong federal government?

4. In what ways did American cultural development in the 1820’s and 1830s reflect the democratic impulse of the era?

5. Describe the temperament and political philosophy of Andrew Jackson.

B. Historical Article (Federalist Opposition click on the link and for King Cotton the file is attached)

Read one of the two articles and respond to one of the questions.

Federalist Opposition to the War of 1812 ( http://www.earlyamerica.com/early-america-review/volume-4/federalist-opposition-to-the-war-of-1812/ )

-What were the causes of the emerging political parties (or factions)?

-What were the Founding Fathers’ prevailing attitudes on democracy?

King Cotton

-Did Whitney teach the South haw to make Slavery profitable?

-Describe How Slavery was an impediment to Southern economic development.

C. Political Cartoon ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc94NY9_ZcU )

View the video clip and tell me what message the clip is attempting to convey. Understand that the message is a reflection of the new democratic reforms of the 1820’s that impacted who could vote. There are no real right answers. Rather I want to see how you interpret this media clip.

D. Discussion

***Responses for each discussion should be one to two paragraphs (roughly 150 words) and should reflect deep critical thinking. Therefore, you must respond postings in a professional and respectful manner. This does not mean you cannot disagree. ***

This is a discussion from another partner of mine and all what you got to do is write a response based on the discussion you can agree or disagree with response.

1st Discussion for Historical Article King Cotton

Describe how Slavery was an impediment to Southern economic development?

Slavery became an impediment to Southern economic development because it prevented the south from financially evolving with the future of the country. The people that used slavery for their farms did so because they didn’t know how to do anything else and that’s why they wanted to hold on to slavery for their way of life. The south had great weather for growing cash crops (cotton, corn, etc.) and having a plantation was generally regarded as the best way to make a living. However, the southern people could have made better use of their land for other developments and as the author points out, “Southern capital became tied up in slaves rather than land and improvements, but labor, on a cash-flow basis, was cheap. Thus laborsaving ingenuity was not prized as it was in the North. And with vast wealth flowing into the South from the cotton trade, other sectors of the economy were neglected as well. Industry settled in the North, and immigrants gravitated to where opportunities were far greater. Even the cotton trade itself was largely brokered through New York” (Gordon). So, by choosing to generate profits dependent only on the work of slave labor, the south limited their financial options in starting up other industries.

2nd Discussion for Political Cartoon (Based on the video clip and the questions for Part C)

In this political cartoon, it conveys a message if some man wants to become a politician and what that man must do. First, it is vital to make your name known by attending public meetings and push to appoint oneself as secretary, so this individual’s name becomes know. By making rounds and visiting constituents, a politician must also be active in making speeches and discussing one’s devotion to the country and speak about those who gave America liberty. Additionally, the politician must be involve with charities, and being personable with women and their children, and never say “no” to nobody. Drink and mingle with the people so they get to know you. “Break the Ice,” or tension so that the people will be comfortable to vote for you. Offer to build a church, a bridge, a turnpike, but remember that promises don’t cost anything. As a politician, you need only to get elected by the people. Furthermore, always push to advertise publicly, so they know to vote for you.

E. Final Presentation

Instructions assigned: The final project is the online version of the final paper but instead of creating a written account of your research I want you to “show” me. In your final project, I want you to create a presentation of what you learned. Specifically, I want you satisfy this statement:

Pick a person, or an idea, or an event, or a period of time (US History to 1865) that you believe was the most significant influence in making America what it is today.

The assignment is rather simple. Instead of telling me what event, or idea, or person, or period of time you feel was the most influential in making America what it is today, I want you to “show” me through the use of images, audio or video files, graphics, and text. Let me emphasize that the topic must fall within the course time period, US History to 1865. Remember, this is a presentation. Your final product should be as powerful as a well written final paper. The size of the presentation should be between 10-15 slides.

Examples are now available for downloading and viewing by clicking on the various file attached.

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