CHCORG620D Promote and Represent the Service

Assessment Requirement 1 – Question and Answer

1. Why should you promote your service to the community?

2. What steps are involved in preparing a presentation to promote your service? List and describe
each step.

3. List and scribe at least 4 groups that might be considered stakeholders in a community service?

4. How can you make involvement in your service more appealing to people?

5. What types of information could you prepare and use for promotion of your service to the

6. What methods could your use to review your profile in the community?

7. What types of information might you need to give to the community about your service?

8. What types of community activities might you consider becoming involved in?

9. How can you encourage staff members to participate in activities?

10. How can you utilise the press to promote your organisation/service?

11. What do you need to do to represent your service in the best possible way?

12. What do you need to consider when responding to negative publicity?

Assessment Requirement 2 – Research

You are required to research relevant aspects relating to the community service

Step 1 Research – community service information

A. Research and discuss current trends in client service delivery

B. Research and identify a range of coordination organisations and their provision of service in your
local area

C. Research relevant current issues, concerns and debates surrounding the community service sector

D. Research relevant accreditation principles and service standards

Assessment Requirements 3 – Case Study

Your task is to read the following case study then prepare an activity that will promote the organisation and its services in the best possible way.


You are the senior manager for the Bowman Community Centre and have been asked by stakeholders to improve the community profile of the organisation. The centre has been set up to assist clients with a mental illness to live and work in the community with assistance. They provide in home care, health care, counselling, meals on wheels and a transport service for clients with a mental illness.

Your task is to outline the following in relation to this problem:

• What are the main issues that the community has identified?

• Who would you seek advice from in relation to the issues?

• Who would you nominate as the spokesperson?

• What methods would you use to address the communities issues with the centre?

• How would you address the negative publicity?

• How would you promote the service to increase public awareness?

• What method of presentation would you use?

• Who would you aim this promotion at?

• How could you get the community involved?

• How would you review the profile of the service?

• How could you encourage staff members to assist?

• How could the press be utilised in this situation?

• What types of information should be provided?

• How could you ensure you represented the centre in the best possible light given the recent publicity?

You will need to prepare a 10 minute presentation for class and submit it for assessment along with your report. Please ensure you prepare a plan or strategy for this promotion outlining resources you will need, approximate dates, venues required and any other information needed. This assessment should include everything required for implementing the promotion and dealing with negative publicity.

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