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: CIPS Corporate Award Programme: Module 4 – Sourcing Essentials in P&S

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follow the format and scoring of the assignment guidelines

1- Follow the corporate award program assignment guidelines (attached) .

2- Use relevant references (at least 7 references). You can use the references listed in page 3 of the Practitioner CA Handouts (attached).

3- Use the supplier positioning matrix (i.e. whether developments, core, nuisance, or exploitable).

4- EVALUATE, highlight STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES and then RECOMMEND using justifications.

5- COVER all the Syllabus in the attached slides specially: Mendelow’s Matrix, pre-qualification selection criteria (before Invitation to Tender) , financial stability of the organization and ratio analysis.

6- Using the profit and loss account show whether a company has made a PROFIT or LOSS over a financial year.

7- In the balance sheet, determine what the organization owns (i.e. its assets and these consist of both Current and Fixed Assets) and what it owes (i.e. its Liabilities in short term and long term).

8- Calculate and Analyse key ratios that indicate profitability, liquidity, gearing and investment in order to evaluate the suitability of potential suppliers.


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