Citizen Kane Scene

Citizen Kane Scene

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describe how Welles and Toland used deep focus to inhanse the narrative during the seen when Charles’s mother is signing the papers to transfer his guardianship to Thatc List and discuss what you feel are the most important compositional aspects of the scene. Why did you select those aspects? How
do they work together to create not only visual complexity, but also to give us the maximum information needed to understand that scene?

Talk about the scene in terms of filming aspects ( sound, music, trames, mise en scene, shading, cotrasts, background, music, monologues and dialogues, emotions and colors, lighing, angles, movement of scene, transition of camera movement.

Please i request you to write the essay to represent what the student thinks about this scene and how this scene showed the first use of deep focus and distance focus for the first time.
The professor kept telling us that that this movie is the best movie that have ever been made, So please show how does this scene also supports the idea of the professor.

The sources should be used from books and data and the references must show the volumes, chapter, and pages of the work. The sources cannot be from blogs and they should be academic sources.

Please the essay must represent what i think about this scene in the filming aspects and how is this scene is the most amazing scene that have ever been shot with the available capabilities back then.


A minimum of four outside sources should be used (one may be your textbook). Use APA style.
You may not use Internet resources for this assignment. You may use the Internet for your initial
research, but you must use sources in the AUS library (reference works, texts, monographs, and

” ”

You may include images and/or transcriptions as examples BUT THEY MUST BE RELEVANT TO THE
POINT YOU ARE MAKING. Please note that transcriptions and quotations will not count as part of the
600 words.


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