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Client’s advocate

With the clinical mental health setting that you chose in your Unit 3 assignment in mind, create a hypothetical client profile

Include the following:
Client name, age, gender.
The client’s cultural identity (socioeconomic status, ethnicity, exceptional abilities, sexual orientation, religion).
The referral source. (How was the client referred for services at your agency?)
A brief description of the client’s presenting concerns—for example, the life situation in which the client became symptomatic and the reason for the referral to you. Include the client’s perception of what is central to the present situation. Consider how cultural identity might impact these concerns.
Provide a brief review of the literature (2–3 pages):
Review the literature regarding education and prevention methods that would be appropriate for your client given their diverse background and presenting issues. Not only are you looking at methods of prevention and education, you are also looking for information regarding the needs of your client given their presenting issues and identity.
Discuss any education and prevention methods needed by your client currently, as well as methods that could have helped them earlier and prevented the development of their current issues.
Review the literature to select a model of wellness and resiliency that can be applied to your client and inform your preliminary treatment plan and interventions designed to support your client’s path to wellness.
Utilize interventions like the ecomap discussed in Unit 4 to collaborate with the client in identifying appropriate supports and resources in their community. Be sure to include an example of a self-care plan for the client.
Discuss how consultation, and possibly referrals, with other professionals in your agency as well as those within your community (refer to your ecomap resources) may be needed in order to effectively assist your client.
Advocacy (2–3 pages):
Discuss aspects of the client’s experience that have contributed to the development of their mental health issues that represent opportunities for advocacy.
Remember what you have learned previously about the impact of public policies on the services available to clients, needs for public education and prevention, advocacy needs related to diverse communities, et cetera.
Develop a preliminary advocacy plan discussing how you will support the client in efforts to advocate for him or herself as well as how you will advocate for change related to the identified issues within the client’s social context. Include any needed community resources you might work with, a plan for your self-care in this process, and support your points with course materials and information from your review of the current peer-reviewed literature. Discuss how these advocacy efforts have the potential to influence local, state, and national public policy.

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