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Colossians 1:9?14
Following the Kaiser and Silva outline, you will segment the paper into the context, meaning, and significance of the passage. You will write an introductory paragraph that will include a thesis statement. Along with the introduction and thesis, you will list 10 sources relevant to the paper which will be properly cited in current Turabian format as interpreted by the School of Divinity Writing Guide found here. The sources must be current and scholarly.

Part 2: Rough Draft/Point One

You will re-write the introduction as needed, taking into consideration any feedback provided. In addition, you will write the paragraphs that cover Point One of the paper. Point One must consist of the context of the chosen passage. Formatting and argumentation will be crucial in this section of the paper.

Part 3: Final Draft

You will submit a 2,400?3,000-word final draft of the paper. You must incorporate feedback from the previously submitted components, and the paper must include the following sections: Introduction, Context, Meaning, Significance, and Conclusion. Perfection in the implementation of current Turabian format will be mandatory.

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