Community recovery co-ordination group, after a major flood

Community recovery co-ordination group, after a major flood

Order Description

Description/Focus: Essay
Value: 100%
Due date: Saturday (midnight) 14 September 2015
Length: 1500 words
Task: You are a worker in a non-government organisation (NGO ) and you have been asked to plan and facilitate one of the following groups:

1. Multicultural youth festival organising committee.
2. Living with anxiety support group for men.
3. Therapy group for seniors experiencing depression.
4. Community recovery co-ordination group, after a major flood.

In an essay format, state which group you have chosen, what type of task or treatment group you think it is, and discuss how you would plan and begin the group. Critically analyse both the internal and external aspects that could influence the planning and beginning stages of the group.

Preparation: It is essential that students complete the readings and material provided. Learning activities should be linked to these readings and all material referenced as appropriate.
Presentation: The essay must be typed on a word processor and lodged through Learnline.
The word count does not include the reference list.
Assessment criteria: The Essay will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• Identification and overview of group and group type (10%)
• Discussion of how group type will influence the tasks and activities involved in the planning and beginning stages of group work (20%)
• Identification and critical analysis of the external (organisational and broader community level) and internal (eg, roles, dynamics, leadership) factors that might influence and impact the early stages of the group.(30%)
• Evidence of wide reading on the topic and integration of this literature into your essay (at least 5 academic references) (20%)
• Adherence to academic conventions referencing and presentation (e.g. correct presentation, APA 6th referencing) (10%)
• Clear writing style, correct grammar and spelling (10%)

Textbook Requirements

he following book is a required text for all students participating in SWK242A:
Toseland, R & Rivas, R. (2014) Introduction to Group Work Practice. 7th Ed. Pearson Education, MA.

Urania Glassman. (2009). Group work: A humanistic and skills building approach sage sourcebooks for the human services series 13. US: Sage Publications Inc. [This is available as an e-book]

Zastrow, C. (2012). Social work with groups: A comprehensive worktext. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.

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