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Comparative Analysis – Detective Genre TV Series
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In this assignment, you will compare two works of detective story genre either literary or visual, examining similarities and differences that point out to differences in cultural assumptions that guided their creations (the comparison may be either historical–in which case the two representative works will reflect societal philosophy and expectations–or cultural–in which case the works may reflect varieties of cultural assumptions, stereotypes, values, etc). If you choose to analyze comparatively films or TV series, discuss how the cinematography, setting, and the plot, contribute to the films’/series’ social messages; provide specific examples citing scenes and episodes. In your analysis of the literary texts, examine the character portrayal, plot, and setting and their contribution to the stories’ message(s).

Give specific examples from your primary sources.

In order to enhance the analytic value of your essay, you are required to include at least six secondary sources, newspaper or magazine articles, reviews, and book chapters if available; films or texts analyzed are primary sources, and, consequently are not part of the number required; again, you are welcome to use our linked websites—under Resources– if you find articles appropriate for our analysis); the style of citation should follow MLA style of documentation.

For additional information, review the Guidelines for Comparative Analysis under Syllabus on Canvas and under Resources—Assignment Guidelines.

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