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Complete a research paper on a topic of your choosing in the area of network security. (My topic is Cell Phone Security).

The paper must meet the following criteria:
•    8 pages
•    Double spaced
•    Times New Roman 12pt
•    1” margins

You must also include at least one of each of the following:
•    Standardization/Specification documentation (if it’s a standard), otherwise technical documentation is acceptable.
•    Online tutorials/documentation (should be third-party if possible).

Your paper must discuss the following:
•    The implementation of the technology
•    Benefits of this technology over an alternative/similar technology
•    Problems or know issues with the technology
•    Current availability (i.e. public domain, restricted development and distribution)
•    platform requirements

You should include a works cited and the standard citing protocol within your paper.

Please note, your paper will be checked for originality automatically and violations of the academic honesty policy will not be tolerated.

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