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Complimenting Others Essay

Paper details:
The purpose of this research project is to increase awareness of both verbal and nonverbal communication. The project involves paying one honest compliment to three people per day for five consecutive days. These individuals may be casual acquaintances, strangers, co-workers, close friends, relatives, etc. Select one individual to compliment once a day for all five days. The other ten compliments may be to individuals of random choice. 2. Write a summary of your experience, including: a. Brief defines the assignment. b. How did you feel about giving compliments and what did you learn about yourself? c. Generally, how were the compliments received; you may include an interesting example(s). d. What did you learn about your relationship with the individual complimented once a day for five days? Did the communication within the dyad change? How so? What opinions would you often to explain why the communication within the dyad either did or did not change? e. What did you learn about the impact of positive information on you, the constant and communication? f. Conclusion.

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