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Concert Report

Paper details:

Go to http://www.medici.tv/ and watch the concert report for Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, op 37
These reports must include the date/location/ and type/name of performance.

You should mention specific works from the program, and then tie your discussion of these into the various musical elements that you have studied and observed (dynamics, tempo, style, harmony, texture, etc.) as well as giving your overall impression of the concert and individual works.

You may also want to mention individual instruments, instrument families, or voice types that you recognize as having “special roles” in the performance.

Here is a list of some things that are considered in grading your reports:


Musical selections/style (genre)


group seating/positions or choreography

Structure/order of concert

purpose of concert or performance








historical period

your opinion of the overall performance

Writing mechanics and grammar are also important to Consider when submitting any report or discussion.

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