. Conduct on-site supervision of building and construction projects

. Conduct on-site supervision of building and construction projects
Using the documentation for Project 1, the contract you chose for Q6 of the written assessment in CPCCBC4003A and the following project information, complete the following:
a.    A schedule of contract works.
The trade break up and their respective values have been given to you. The % complete column has also been included and this reflects the work completed by the end of month 3. You are required to complete the ‘Value complete $’ column.
(Already I have done this part which shows in the below table in green highlight)
Schedule of Contract Works

Preliminaries    25000    60    15000
Excavator    5000    100    5000
Concreter    19000    100    19000
Bricklayer    24000    100    24000
Carpenter    43000    73    31390
Joiner    15000    0    0
Doors and Windows    26000    82    21320
Roofer    16000    65    10400
Linings/Insulation    20000    8    1600
Electrician (Provisional Sum)    24000    16    3840
Plumber and Drainer (Provisional sum)    24000    15    3600
Tiler    12000    0    0
Painter    10000    0    0
Landscaper (Provisional sum)    12000    0    0
CONTRACT SUM    275000        135150

b.    A progress claim for month 3, using the schedule of contract works given above and your calculations of the ‘Value Complete $’ column you worked out in Q1a.
You will need to refer to the Project Information on the following pages to help you         complete the progress claim. Your progress claim is to reflect the relevant clauses of the     contract you chose to use in Q4 of Assessment 1 for CPCCBC4003A regarding date of     progress claims and the terms of payment. NB: If the contract you chose for this     assessment did not include a clause for retention, you are to assume that it is a     requirement. You are to allow for the standard retention deduction of “10% of the progress     claim up to 5% of the contract sum”.
Please show your work  how to calculate in typing and how you get the answers.

A variation (requested in week 20) for the front fence detailed on the Page 2 of the site plan. The high brick fence with open form metal infill panels to the front and part of the side boundaries. The fence is to run along the front building line on both sides and along the front boundary. A 1m wide gate is to be included to the front fence. A gate is also to be included for the vehicular access. This gate is to be a 5 metre wide metal gate. You are required to work out the value of the variation given the following information:
•    The value (excluding margin and GST) for the labour component of the variation is $4370.
•    The value (excluding margin and GST) for the material component of the variation is $5340.
Allow for a profit and overhead margin of 12%. Ensure that you also show GST and the final amount of the variation including the 12% margin and GST.
c.    A final account for the project. You will need to use the Project Information table on the following pages to complete your final account.
Project information

Contract Sum        $275 000
Contract Duration        26 weeks

Progress Claims received
Month 1(including deposit)        $31 680
Month 2        $48 465
Month 3        See Question 1b
Month 4        $59 815
Month 5        $26 100
Month 6        $36 600
Month 7         Final Payment Question 1d

Variation #1 – Requested Week 4    Supply and install external wall feature    $2510
Variation #2 – Requested Week 12    Additional Painting    $3700
Variation #3 – Requested Week 20    Front and side return Fence    Value found in Q1c
Variation #4 – Requested Week 21    Window furnishings to windows (shutters)    $9800
Variation #5 – Requested Week 21    Delete tiling to family room    ($2700)

Adjustments to PC Items
Bath (1 off)    Allowed $1925    Actual $1900
Vanity (3 off)    Allowed $700    Actual $919
Toilet (3 off)    Allowed $2100    Actual $2250

Adjustments to Provisional sums
Electrician    Allowed $24000    Actual $22 000
Plumber and drainer    Allowed $24 000    Actual $25 000
Landscaper    Allowed $12 000    Actual $14 190

Retention    5% of contract sum taken at 10% of progress claims until 5% reached    50% of the retention released on practical completion. Remaining 50% of the retention is released at the end of the defects liability period.

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