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.Conflicting realities of cost and coverage /The future of health care reform /Future model of care delivery /Future Workforce challenges /Global threats and International Cooperation /Bioterrorism and the transformation of health approaches /New frontiers in clinical technology /Evidence-based health care Instructions

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For this assignment, you will select one of the broad topic below. You will of course integrate the appropriate chapters in this paper and in addition you will use five empirical studies to support your paper. 1.Conflicting realities of cost and coverage 2.The future of health care reform 3.Future model of care delivery 4.Future Workforce challenges 5.Global threats and International Cooperation 6.Bioterrorism and the transformation of health approaches 7.New frontiers in clinical technology 8. Evidence-based health care Instructions: These are the instructions to use when writing your essay. 1. The length should be around 2,500 words. See http://www.thelancet.com/lancet/information-for-authors/formatting-guidelines 2. The first page should contain your name and the title of your essay. 3. Divide your essay into sections and title each section in bold. For an example visit http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/issue/current and go to Information for Authors. Their information sheet itself is a good example of section layout. Of course your essay will have one, not two columns per page. 4. At the beginning write a 100-150 word summary of your essay and your last section should be entitled “Conclusions”. 5. Include up to five references and they should be documented in a standard way. I suggest that you use Lancet style (be careful about the punctuation). •Reference to a paper: ?Murray CJ, Lopez AD. Mortality by cause for eight regions of the world. Lancet 1997:349:1269-76. •Reference to a book: ?Gombrich EH. The story of art (16Ed). Phaidon, London 2002:7-37. • The references should be listed in the order they are quoted in the text. Don’t forget: Lancet Style

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