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Consideration for Plea Bargaining**
For this discussion, address the following topic:
•You are a prosecutor presenting the defense attorney a plea offer that does NOT reduce the criminal charge and offers a very small reduction in the sentence recommendation for the defendant. Discuss which of the factors listed below you gave the greatest weight when deciding to make such a get tough offer.

Factors: Employment status, drug history, age of defendant, prior felony arrests, juvenile record, probation or parole at time of arrest, detained, offense type, and amount of evidence against the defendant. You can also choose other factors not listed here, if they are more important to you.

**M4D2 Question : Trial By Media**
How effective is an appeal that argues media coverage interfered with justice? Crime, justice, and television will have to live together for a long time. Dershowitz argues that the First Amendment is the governing principle of American society.

After reading the assignments and lectures and viewing the PowerPoint presentations and the video above, you have a better understanding of the controversies surrounding the media coverage of criminal trials. For this discussion address the following topic:
•Discuss the role, rights, and impact the media have in criminal trials. Provide an example, other than the O.J. Simpson or Casey Anthony cases, and discuss what impact the media had on the example you chose.

*****Please reference and cite your readings and viewings in support of your responses. After your initial posting of least 125 words for each question.***

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