Consumer Attitude towards M-Commerce: The Perceived Level of Security and the Role of Trust

Consumer Attitude towards M-Commerce: The Perceived Level of Security and the Role of Trust

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For the fulfilment of this assignment you will identify three Refereed Academic Papers and then proceed to review them according to the Guidelines for Paper Appraisal process outlined below.
The papers that you will choose to appraise, which should come from those already summarised in the Annotated Bibliography project,are to address the topic of how well modern mobile information delivery technologies (IS/IT) are able to influence/support the uptake of mobile commerce.
Citations and formatting: MLA Handbook

1. Paper Citation
2. Paper description:
a. describe and list key (most essential) ideas/points
b. whatare the main contributions ?
3. Detailed comments on the paper
a. how was the research planned?
b. what data were used?
c. what analytical tools were employed?
d. what did you learn reading the paper ?
e. what are the technical points that you appreciated ?

4. What are the most compelling reasons of why you like this work?
5. What are the most compelling reasons of why you dislike this work?
a. has serious technical mistakes (describe them)
b. isn’t novel (provide/suggest related work/papers)
c. doesn’t demonstrate (all) its point by proofs, simulations, experiments (be specific)
d. makes unreasonable assumptions (describe them)|

6. Comments on references & related work:
a. how does the paper relate to other works/projects/papers ?
b. which of them have been cited and which you know that are related by they have not been referenced by the authors

7. Comment on presentation style:
a. does the paper describe its goals clearly?
b. does the paper deliver what was originally promised ?
c. what were the motivations (what issues/problems inspired this research), assumptions (of the setting, requirements), and contributions ?
d. is the reference format/list of keywords complete ?
e. Are the figures readable ? Can you see trends? Do they explain the trends or “unusual behaviour”? Do the results in the figures make sense? If
f. not, mention it in the review. Raise questions…
g. list any writing style remarks/corrections (English grammar/syntax, spelling) …

8. Make concrete suggestions for how to improve the paper:list your recommendations. Be constructive and clear.

9. Does the paper leave unanswered questions?

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