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CREATION concepts

Paper details:
Journal Assignment: CREATION concepts Submit Assignment Conduct the Creation Health Self-Assessment quiz with your health partner. (Please note that this piece of the assessment may be a bit limited if you are working with a very young child. However, you may complete as much as possible with the participation of a parent or guardian). Identify the CREATION concept of greatest need for your health partner (e.g., Creation, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal, Outlook, Nutrition), and give rationale for your choice. Based on your partner’s CREATION Self-Assessment data, develop three Health Promotion SMART Goals for your chosen CREATION concept of greatest need, that would enhance your partner’s health status. Locate an article from a credible resource about the Transtheoretical Model of health promotion. Using the Transtheoretical Model of health promotion, identify your patient’s stage, with rationale. Requirements No longer than 2 pages in length, not including title and reference page. Must use APA format guidelines, 6th edition. You should have at least 2 citations and references for this first paper: one for the CREATION book, and another for the Transtheoretical Model. Rubric

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