Critical assessment of the EU and UK waste legislation and the nature and issues within the construction and demolition sector.

Critical assessment of the EU and UK waste legislation and the nature and issues within the construction and demolition sector.

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This is an essay, which assesses the effectiveness of the current situation of waste management within the construction and demolition sectors within the UK.

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive and critical understanding of EU and UK waste legislation, together with the powers and duties of the enforcement agencies.

2. Critically assess the nature and issues within the waste sectors including construction and demolition, agricultural, commercial and household waste, together with an understanding of treatment and disposal routes.
Critically assess the EU and UK waste legislation and the nature and issues within the Construction and demolition sectors.

Each area is work 20% of the marks awarded. You are expected to:

Critically assess the current situation within this sector in relation to the EU and UK legislation demonstrating you knowledge and ability to apply the legislation in relation to the sectors using up to date journals and legislative websites throughout your essay.

Critically assess the situation in relation to the powers and duties of the enforcement agencies, using a wide range of current journals articles throughout your essay to support the points, which you are making.

Demonstrate your ability to critical evaluate and bring original thought in relation to the issues within the sector through your choice and use of journal articles to support the points which you are making.

Critically assess the viability of the disposal routes through your knowledge of the legislation and the literature review, which you have conducted.

Make sure that your work is using correct English spelling with sentences which are logical and is grammatically and referenced correctly


step 1: review my upload file named additional guidance for cw1 essay- page 2
step 2: Review file named imran were page 1 requires additional information..corrections on that document

his document needs to be reviewed propoerly and implemented in step 1
I have, however, briefly looked over your essay and have provided feedback on the first page of your essay. Unfortunately your essay is still not focused on the question from the outset. You need to state from the beginning that you will be critically evaluating EU and UK legislation relating to construction waste, demolition waste or both (dependent on your approach), with subsequent sentences/paragraphs all being tightly focused.

Your first two pages discuss generic waste management issues. Only on page 4 do you begin to focus on the original question set. Your answer is currently only c. 1,500 words – the question asks you to write 2,000 words. When one subtracts the first two pages of text (which lack direction and focus) you effectively only leave yourself 1,000 words to construct your argument. You really need to up your word count and ensure all additional words relate explicitly to the original question.

While you have provided some relevant sources, I would expect a far higher number of references, particularly ones which relate directly to the topic as per the extensive list I have provided you with. You could easily double the number of sources you use, if not more. A case study approach would also help you to rein in your argument and facilitate critical discussion.

I notice you have not made reference to the key paper I referred you to in the six page guidance document I uploaded to the Blackboard page, being: Adjei, et al., (2013) Review of construction and demolition waste management legislation in the UK. Pp. 7-15. You must read this article, and review the other sources provided within the “additional guidance for CW1 essay” document.

If you read the key paper and base your answer around the pointers provided on the second page of the guidance document you will be fine.


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