critical thinking reflection

critical thinking reflection

Now we’re back to the personal. This 1000- to 1500-word paper is your reflection on your journey through critical thinking. You should apply your critical thinking skills to analyze and report how you’ve changed and grown.
The key question is: how has all this affected you? Some useful sub-questions might include:
How did you think before you entered this course? What were the key assumptions you made about thinking? How have these changed?
Have you become more fair-minded in your thinking? How so?
Which ideas have you found to be the most useful? The least useful? Why?
Are there concrete examples you can give on how your thinking processes have changed?
Has the quality of your decisions improved? How so?
How will you continue to develop your skills as a critical thinker? What more do you need to do?
Can you sum up the most important lessons of this course in a sentence or two? Give it a try.
’m posing these questions to help guide your thinking. There probably are other questions that are equally important. I’d like this paper to be an essay, however, rather than a question-and-answer format. Think through what you have to say and then lay it out in a thoughtful, concise essay. This might be a good time to review my document, Tips on Business Writing.

As in the other assignments, you might want to (but you’re not required to) use a three-part structure:

How you thought about thinking before you took this class. What assumptions did you make that were, perhaps, not closely examined?
How has your thinking changed by taking this class?
What more do you need to do to develop as a critical thinker?


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