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Critically analyse the impact of the ‘trans pacific partnership (TPP) agreement’ on Australia’s ability to achieve an ecological sustainable society.

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This essay is about the sustainability, i will upload my lecture slide that related to the 5 topic that you should address in the essay.
there are the requirement for the topic:

1) You will need to discuss the implications of the TPP agreement (assuming it is implemented) using the material from Topics 1-5 and particularly the meaning of sustainability, how our society can achieve sustainability, the impediments to change and technological and institutional lock-in.
2) You will need to specifically make reference to ‘investor-state dispute clauses’ which are part of most free-trade agreements so there is a general literature on this.
3) You will need to engage with some published papers on the transpacific partnership agreement which has been proposed for many years and academics and others have discussed the general implications of the agreement as well as the environmental implications.
4) In addition, you should make reference to the leaks of components of the agreement and use the mainstream and non-mainstream press to help with your analysis. In terms of non-mainstream press you could source from Democracy Now, The Real News Network, The Conversation, and Crickey, amongst others.

5. introduction: This section sets the scene for the report and should include the objective and scope, key research question (s) and the significance of the study. Your group should introduce the key issues you intend to discuss relating to the topic.

6. Addressing the question, discussion and analysis: You must address the question, focusing on analysis rather than merely describing. For the same reason, do not quote at length in essays. You may use a few juicy quotes, however it is better to use your limited word allowance for explanation, proof and analysis. In some cases diagrams, tables and charts may be useful in conveying information in a structured format – however this is your choice and do not let diagrams and tables overshadow your explanations and discussion. Keep them to a minimum if you use them at all.

7. Critical assessment: Your essay must reflect awareness that the topic can be analysed in terms of different, sometimes conflicting theoretical frameworks. A very good essay will be able to explain how and why a particular framework, or no given framework, is satisfactory in terms of the topic considered. A very good essay is in this sense shows both an understanding of theories and an ability to critically assess them.

8. Originality and integrity: A brilliant essay shows some degree of
originality with integrity– it shows ability or a manifest attempt to push beyond the conclusions and views of the major readings in some way. This is not something that we necessarily do always and everywhere. However, when it’s there, based on truth and extensive research, it is a rare and special thing. On the other side of the spectrum, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please refer to the university’s policy here.

9. Bibliography/references: Referencing is important. Scholarly references should be drawn upon – that is, articles and books that have been subject to extensive academic peer review. Wikipedia and other unreviewed websites are not scholarly references. The exception to this is the use of a political or other policy document or media statement as a means of illustrating a particular political position or point of view. As a guide, select the “scholarly works” criterion on the library search engine under electronic resources. Please ensure to include the full references/links and the date that you accessed the sites/data bases.

10. Structure and clarity of expression: The introduction to an essay sets the scene and should include the objective and scope, key research question (s) and the significance of the study. You should introduce the key issues you intend to discuss relating to the topic. In a well structured essay, each paragraph introduces a major point, provide relevant evidence or analysis to support or explain that point, and then round off that point.
A strongly structured essay can use each opening paragraph to link the previous point to the one being currently discussed. In this way, the essay becomes a single, complex argument. By the time the reader reaches the conclusion, the essence of the argument should already be visible. Clear expression and correct spelling is required Please note that you will lose marks for poor spelling, improper referencing etc.

11. Research effort and where relevant additional reading: This is a major piece of assessment. You are expected to both use the suggested readings and to go beyond these to find your own relevant readings.

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