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Critically evaluate the factors that need to be considered when both developing and implementing people resourcing and talent management policies and evaluate their potential to impact upon all areas of an organisation’s performance
Apply your answer to two of the people resourcing and talent management activities listed below:
–               Recruitment and Selection
–               Absence management

Your answers should include:
•         reference to theory
•         use organisational examples to illustrate the points you are making
•         discuss the impact of tailoring approaches to organisational requirements

•         how differing approaches will impact upon ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE .

Guidance notes
1.    You should first determine which two people resourcing activities you wish to base your assignment on.

2.    The first part of the question requires you to evaluate the issues related to the design and implementation of resourcing and talent management policies in two areas.  For both areas you need to:

a.    Include a brief explanation of your approach to each activity chosen
b.    Rationalise the choices you have made by using:
i.    Relevant theory (ie recent and seminal works covering both HRM and the specific subject areas you have chosen).
ii.    Contemporary research and practice.
iii.    Case study illustrations from appropriate organisations to illustrate/support the points you are making.
c.    Make reference to both design and implementation issues.

3.    The second part of the question requires you to consider the impact of the two activities on organisational performance.  So you need to include reference to both financial performance and other performance measures/indicators.

A grid detailing the specific assessment criteria can be found on the next page.  It is essential that you refer to it while you write your assessment (and before you submit it) to ensure that you have produced work of sufficient quality to obtain the grade you are aiming for. The word guidance for the assignment is 3,000words and the submission date is to be advised (in your assessment planner on Blackboard)
This element aims to assess the following learning outcomes:
•         Critically evaluate resourcing, talent management and succession strategies and the way strategies are delivered by organisations , including outsourcing

•         Appreciate the value and contribution of information on employee turnover and absence management as a basis for developing robust HR policies and strategies.

•         Evaluatealternatives in terms of exit management strategies ( for example retirement, redundancy and dismissal policies)

•         Critically analyse the impact of all these strategies on the financial and other performance measures of the organisation and act ethically and professionally in the design, development and implementation of resourcing policies

•         Critically evaluate the sources and evidence base for knowledge that underpins this discipline.


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