Cultural awareness issues that need U.S. staff need


You have been requested to create a write-up for those who are going abroad to help them with their transition.

Review the presentation you completed in the previous Module 02 Lab. What training differentiators would you need to add or alter to address travel abroad? What are some other ideas that might need to be implemented to ensure that the new employee’s needs are being met? Review the following resources in considering some of the concerns in the country you chose:
You are required to write a brief 1-2 paper in which you:

Discuss cultural awareness issues that need U.S. staff need to be conscious of to ensure successful transition into the country chosen.
Discuss various traditions, economics, etc., that the U.S. staff needs to be aware of in order to successfully work with the local staff.
Discuss what types of training you would provide both U.S. Staff and the local staff in ensure a smooth working platform.
Discuss what type of training would be needed to be considered for security-specific needs for the local staff.


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