cultural difference interview

cultural difference interview

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Interview at least three to five people who bear some culturally different characteristics and provide your interpretation of the interview data with their experiences of intercultural communications/experiences/encounters with the broader population.

Be clear what you wish to find out from your research project. That is, organise your key theme (and 2-3 sub-themes).
Create 7 to 10 questions around the theme; recruit participants (18 yrs or older)
and interview them. Treat them with absolute respect!
Analyse your findings around 2-3 key sub-themes in the way that they back up your key argument.

? Provide your interpretation.

The essay will have the following sections/headings:
? Abstract
? Introduction including the aims of your essay;
Literature review: What the literature says; finish with how you will explore
existing or new concerns.
Research methods: note about what you did to collect data; who the
participants are.
? Findings [you can have sub-headings around the themes within section]
? Discussion and concluding remarks.

? Attach interview schedule at the end of the essay.
Potential areas of research: interactions between school teachers and immigrant
parents of school children; homestay university students; international
dating/marriage; parent-children relationship within immigrant families.

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