Data warehouse analytics and design- Changing Data

Data warehouse analytics and design- Changing Data

Problems in Data Warehousing

Should Backdated Transactions Change Values in the Data Warehouse?

Due to poor operating practices, a company sometimes has to backdate transactions.  These transactions are entered a month or more after they actually occurred.  The people in accounting argue that the ìhistoricî information should not change.  The standard in the data warehouse transformation process is this: if a transaction has a date that is 40 days old, the data warehouse data for that day will change.  Should a backdated transaction not change the ìhistoricî information in the data warehouse?

Remember to cite your sources, provide links to those sources, and/or attach a copy of the article. .  Relevant and explained work experience is also appropriate support for your recommendation.  The purpose is to provide support for your recommendation and/or position.

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