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1. Define ?propaganda advertising?, as we have used the term in class. Illustrate your explanation by using any one of the Marlboro Man print ads (i.e. a single picture ad) that you can find online. You may use one of the Marlboro ads we discussed in class. (Reminder: a propaganda advertisement has three parts: symbol, meanings, and product. Be sure your explanation shows how these three function in your chosen ad, and how the ad connects symbol and meaning to product.)

2. Explain how you would choose among the four possible ethical rules for American companies working with third-world labor that we have discussed in class.

3. Give brief explanations of each of the pressures to do the wrong thing discussed on pages 19-22 of Shaw & Barry. Use one of the three cases of individual responsibility discussed in class to illustrate how each of these pressures can prevent a person from doing what they think is right.

4. Explain what integrity is, as we have defined it in class. (RYA!)
INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing regardless of personal cost.

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