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.Describe why you wish to be a Cook Children’s nurse resident. 2.Describe your goals and expectations at the completion of the nurse residency. 3.Explain how you demonstrate two of the Cook Children’s values, which include caring, safety, integrity, coll

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submit an essay covering ALL 4 topics mentioned above. I will go into more detail below about each topic. Here is a link to the application requirements if you would like to get a better idea of the hospital and so forth. http://www.cookchildrens.org/SpecialtyServices/Nursing/nurseresidency/critical-care/Pages/default.aspx Here are some ideas related to each topic that I ask you include (in a more formal manner of course though, please). 1. I am very interested in the pediatric field of nursing and love the idea of getting to rotate through different areas throughout the residency. Cooks Children’s is a prestigious hospital with lots of acknowledgement and recognition. 2. My goals and expectations are to be confident and comfortable in my nursing skills with the pediatric population. I expect to learn a tremendous amount of information and skills throughout the residency and hope to continue my passion working with children after completion. 3. The two values I ask you to focus on are caring and integrity. Nursing is so much more than getting by doing the bare minimum. I want to focus on going above and beyond for my patients and being an extreme patient advocate. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that have the greatest impact on a patient. For example, just taking the time to sit and talk to a patient that may be lonely or just needs someone to talk to. Nursing is so much more than passing meds, and doing a quick assessment… it involves emotional, psychiatric, and physical implications that are specific to each and every individual patient. 4. I have always had a passion for children and would be so blessed and excited to be able to experience such a wonderful program. (something along those lines for this topic please) You can google Cook Children’s Ft. Worth, Texas to get a better idea of the hospital and its values and all that! If you have any questions at all, please contact me. Please include these details in a more formal manner.

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