Designing Effective Organisations it’

BUMGT 2615. Designing Effective Organisations it’-
Assignment 1. Individual organisational structure assignment, from the textbook, pp.
134-135: ‘You and Organization Structure’.
The objectives of the analysis are to:
0 Improve your knowledge of specific concepts and theories of OT
0 Develop your ability to apply theories and concepts to practical situations
0 Encourage you to consider the effectiveness of various OT theories and models as
they relate to organisational functioning
0 Develop your skills in research, critical thinking and analysis
0 Develop your skills in academic writing
Length: 1,200 – 1,500 words
Weight: 30%
Due: at the Week 5 lecture
Criteria for assessment: the marking guide is provided at the end of this Course Description.
Accessing the assignment: The ‘You and Organization Structure’ activity is from the textbook,
Assignment questions: answer all six questions on p. 135. You don’t need to include an
introduction and conclusion, or table of contents, just answer the questions as shown in the
textbook. Note that more marks are awarded for 03 4-6 which require written discussion of your
thinking in response to the questions.
Tips for the assignment:
For Q1: there is some helpful material about mission statements on p. 56f.
For QZ: describe specific job duties which have to be done to achieve the mission of the
organisation, such as customer service: taking money, making change, offering online
services, handling complaints and refunds etc. Then tie the jobs required with the type of
positions you create in the organisation chart. Be as specific as possible about the type
of work to be done for each position in 02. Being very clear about the nature of the jobs
to be done in 02 will help greatly in the kind of organisation charts you design in OS 3-6
Expected number of references: one (the textbook).

i Discussion Questions
l 1. What is the definition of organization structur? Does 7. What onditions usually have to be present before an
i – organization structure appear on the organi ation orga ization should adopt a matrix structure?
a ‘ chart? Explain. 8.Th manager of a consumer products firm said,
5 2. When is a functional structure preferable to . divi- “ e use the brand manager position to train fu-
sional structure? re executives.” Why do you think the brand man-
i 3. Large corporations tend to use hybrid structures. by? ager position is considered a good training ground?
4. What are the primary differences in tructure bet een Discuss.
i a traditional, mechanistic organization esigned f r ef- 9. Why do companies using a horizontal structure have
ficieney and a more contemporary, orga ic orga iza- cultures that emphasize openness, employee empower-
v tion designed for learning? ment, and responsibility? What do you think a man-
5. What is the difference between atask fo 6 a d a ager’s job would be like in a horizontally organized
team? Between liaison role and integrating role. W ich company?
of these provides the greatest amount of hori o ta 10. Describe the virtual network structure. What are the
coordination? advantages and disadvantages of using this structure
6. As a manager, how would you create an organiza ‘0 compared to performing all activities in-house within
with a high degree of relational coordination? . an organization?
You and Organization Srwcturet
To better understand the importance of organization struc- Background
ture in your life, do the following assignment. Organization is a way of gaining some power against an
Select one of the following situations to organize: unreliable environment. The environment provides the
organization with inputs, which include raw materials,
A COPY and Pm“ Shep ‘ human resources, and financial resources. There is a ser-
A travel agenCy . . . vice or product to produce that involves technology. The
A Sports rental (SUCh as Jet 5‘05 or snomeblles) m a output goes to clients, a group that must be nurtured. The
Raff}: area complexities of the environment and the technology deter-
i a 0/ izwyh mine the complexity of the organization.


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