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Diffusion and Osmosis Lab write up

1. Introductory paragraph: this should include a discussion of all of the general concepts that were addressed in the laboratory exercises. Here is where you describe in your own words biological phenomena or processes (for Lab Report I: discuss the concepts of simple diffusion, diffusion across a membrane, and osmosis in living cells). This paragraph is not written in bullet points or as an outline…this is where you practice the skill of communicating ideas to an audience. Avoid plagiarizing from the lab manual or from any other source (including your lab partner), because I will give you an F.

After the general introduction, there should be a separate section for each laboratory exercise performed during the lab period (for Lab Report I: 1. Brownian movement, 2. simple diffusion, 3. osmosis in Elodea, 4. osmosis in potato cells, 5. osmosis in germinating radish seeds). Each of these exercises should have all of the following elements, with the appropriate heading:

2. Hypothesis: a simple statement, with a clear dependent (Y) and independent (X) variable related by a verb (“causes”, “influences”, etc).

3. Prediction: use the if…then format. Include a way of measuring the effect.

4. Methods: describe the experimental design. You don’t have to mention stuff like glassware, instruments, paper towels…you do have to mention experimental treatment levels, replicates, controls, time period, units of measurement. To simplify, this section can be in outline format. Do not use drawings or photos to illustrate methods…you should be able to use words to communicate.

5. Results: include your raw data tables and any figures you have created in Excel. In simple clear sentences, describe what was seen. Do not discuss why the results came out the way they did…save that for the next section.

6. Conclusion: did your results support your hypothesis? Or did they not support your hypothesis? What might have happened during the experimental process to distort these results from what was expected? If you could make this experiment better, what would you change?

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