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Directions to Access the Data

Open StatCrunch using the link to the left (Note: Chrome seems to be unable to load StatCrunch, so use another browser. Internet Explorer works).
In the StatCrunch window, click the blue “StatCrunch” button at the top and select “Open statcrunch.com”
Now that you are on statcrunch.com, click on “Explore” and then click on “Groups”
Search for the group called “Miami University – STA 261 Fall 2015”
Join the group. You should see a dataset called “Day 1 Data Responses”
Click on the dataset to load it into StatCrunch, where you should see 28 rows of data.
I encourage you to analyze the data using StatCrunch. You can also copy/paste the data into Excel or another program that you are more comfortable with.
Assignment Instructions

You will be creating visualizations of the data and explaining what you see in a short report. Graphics must be clear and explanations should be easy to follow. If I can’t figure out what you are trying to tell me, I can’t give you credit!
Pick six (6) questions from the Day 1 Data Sheet Responses that you would like to analyze. You may combine questions for an even more interesting exploration (e.g. combining “What is your sex?” with “Do you smoke?”)
For each of the six questions you selected, answer the following:
What type of variable is being measured? (Categorical, Quantitative Continuous, Quantitative Discrete)
Create an appropriate graph/visualization for the question’s responses with respect to the variable type. DO NOT CREATE SIX OF THE SAME TYPE OF VISUALIZATION.
For each of the six questions you selected, answer the following questions in a short paragraph:
What patterns do you see?
Do you see anything interesting or unusual?

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