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Discussion 10

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In this discussion forum assignment, apply your knowledge and understanding of physical assessment surrounding skin, hair, nails, and lymphatic across the lifespan.
Choose one population (e.g., infants, pregnant women, etc.) and one health condition that is associated with abnormal physical manifestations in the integumentary or lymphatic system.
• In your posting, without identifying the health condition, document a focused assessment of the appropriate subjective, objective, and physical assessment findings that are routinely found in an individual with the associated condition.
• What adaptations, if any, are needed to the physical assessment techniques for an individual with this condition in the chosen population?
• What health promotion strategy would you recommend for a patient in the chosen population with this condition?
• In the forum, respond to at least two classmates’ postings. Apply your critical thinking skills to determine the physiological causes of the abnormal findings and the associated health condition.
• Constructive feedback on correct and incorrect responses should be facilitated by the student who posted the original focused assessment.
• All references should be in APA format.

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