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Dislated Driving/Go with brand .

The problem at hand is go with brand, nowadays, brand make us more Confidence and allows us to try new things without the fear of rejection or failure. Brand name can give a positive impression to you and everyone around you. The very first impression that someone has of you is focused on the image that you project. For instance, if you do not take care of your appearance, others may think that you are disorganized or you are live in the other world. Self-esteem is a huge part in our live, so a small boost in confidence could have a tremendous effect. Think about that, brand name products can bring us good quality merchandise, confidence in ourselves, and great looking items.
In order to prepare myself to be able to go with brand, I would want to fully understand if I am go with brand it will cost me a lot of money, but for something worth. In addition, branding is a good plan for earning your product reputation and for making sure that all worlds knows about this product and believes in it too. I would ask myself, why should not we have something that gives us a sense of security and confidence? Also, if you have a good income why you live fewer than people around you? . Moreover, do you think about that spend your money for something live longer with you or something live with you short life? This is like brand and not brand.
3-Problem Solving:
Communicate the Problems and Offer Solutions. Before going straight to go with brand. There are some of the possible solutions such as, brandcan makes you memorable. Stand out from the crowd if you are in business, or if you are not in business people may remember you in the right way. Another solution would be a brand can builds credibility. Can you think about what you stand for and communicate to your customers in everything you do. If you see someone has like your favorite brand, it will be easy to start a conversation with this person. Even if you are shy, you will be much more self-assured because you know that you have got something in common with the other person. I believe the best solution would be, customers have to remember you, and they will find you. Also, a brand can attract customers. When customers understand who you are and what you offer, they think about doing business with you and they will trust you. Then they will tell their friends about you and your business. Brand name products bring us beautiful and good quality merchandise, confidence in ourselves, and great looking items.
The weaknesses of what I chosen solution, wasbrand names could drive you to spark conversation. If someone across the room might approach you wondering where you bought that new thing! While this might be true, do you really want to talk to someone who only approached you because of something you are wearing?


While completing this assignment I had to put myself in the shoes of the client in order to look at both of their perspectives to be able to offer the best solution. I would have asked more questions about the past relationship in order to determine if the brand could be worth if there was more communication, confidence and understanding about go with brand or not.


Reflect on Experts Solution:
I agree with the presenter, because all points that he mentions are a good.

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