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Do you agree that routine full spine imaging (unless specifically contraindicated) is important to chiropractic practice?

P_a_r_t_ _2_:_ _U_s_e_ _o_f_ _R_a_d_i_o_g_r_a_p_h_y_ _i_n_ _C_l_i_n_i_c_a_l_ _P_r_a_c_t_i_c_e_ _E_s_s_a_y_ _(_2_0_ _m_a_r_k_s_)_ _
Please write an argumentative essay style response to the following question.
Maximum word limit of 1500 words.
Please reference in Harvard format.
“I_s_ _r_o_u_t_i_n_e_ _i_m_a_g_i_n_g_ _o_f_ _t_h_e_ _s_p_i_n_e_ _n_e_c_e_s_s_a_r_y_ _p_r_i_o_r_ _t_o_ _t_h_e_ _a_p_p_l_i_c_a_t_i_o_n_ _o_f_ _s_p_i_n_a_l_ _m_a_n_i_p_u_l_a_t_i_v_e_ _t_h_e_r_a_p_y_._” _
Please answer in the positive/negative ie. Agreeing/disagreeing with the above question. You will need to: 1. Provide introductory background information as to why this question is important 2. State your claim (a statement giving your position in the argument – answering the above question in the positive or negative) and the counter-claim (a statement opposite to your claim – the opposing argument) 3. Present supporting arguments for your claim and references to back these up 4. Present arguments for the counter-claim and references that refute these arguments 5. Conclude your argument.
See the below webpage for more information on argumentative essays: http://www.essaywritinghelp.com/argumentative.htm
Please note that the marking rubric (next page) does not focus on a right or wrong answer, rather, that the available evidence is used to present a clear argument that answers the essay question.

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