domestic violence south Australian legislation dvd analysis

domestic violence south Australian legislation dvd analysis

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comprise of watching the DVD on u tube , you can find it simply by typing in the U TUBE search “intervention orders application-stop the violence” by courts admin authority .

After watching the video you will be writing an essay with introduction and conclusions and sections under the
headings of:

*Brief description of the court setting: who is participating, where the participants are placed, whether the defendant is represented by a solicitor, how the formality of the court is conveyed.
*Case synopsis; a report of a case proceeding that you observed in one of the above Courts (confidentiality must be observed).
*Identification; identification and description of the legislation that was applied
*Intervention; A description of the court ruling and it’s purpose
*Social work role; The potential social work role, knowledge and skills required to work in this case
*Social justice and ethical issues; Discussion addressing issues of social justice and ethical issues

please familiarise yourself with a case that is shown the DVD und use this to answer the above questions.

A minimum of 12 references ( harvard style plus in text referencing ) including textbook, e-readings and South Australian legislation will be expected, some references that can be used or referred to are outlined below.

TEXT BOOK Kennedy, R with Richards, J 2012, Integrating Human Service Law and Practice, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.
Legal Services Commission of S.A. 1999, The Law Handbook. (4th ed.). S.A. Govt. Printer, Adelaide, and available online at

Brown, T & Alexander, R 2007, Child abuse and family law: understanding the issues facing human service and legal professionals, Allen and Urwin, Sydney.

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Kennedy, R 2009, Duty of care in the human services: Mishaps, misdeeds and the law. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.

Swain, P. ed 2008, In the shadow of the law: the legal context of social work practice, 3rd ed, Federation Press, Sydney.

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