Dominant Group and Tpes of Deviance

Dominant Group and Tpes of Deviance

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Final Paper: Dominant Group and Types of Deviance
(Refer to Chapter 7: Deviance and Crime p.145-169)

Write a four-paragraph essay, following the exact outline below.
1. Introduction:
Choose a dominant group and its general practices. (5 sentence)
End the Intro with a one-sentence thesis. List 2-4 types of deviance you will discuss in the paper.
(1 sentence)
Thesis example: In the dominant group of___________, three types of deviance can be observed: ________, __________, and __________.

2. First Body paragraph: (6-10 sentences)
Discuss the major goals of the dominant group.
Explain the acceptable ways of achieving those goals.

3. Second Body paragraph: (6-10 sentences)
Highlight 2-4 ways in which people deviate from the group.
For each way, state the type of deviance and whether it is formal or informal.
See p.153, Fig.7.2

4. Conclusion (6-10 sentences)
Summarize your main points and make any last observation or comments about the topic.

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