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Dorothea orem self care theory


PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to assist the student(s) in developing a framework for approaching the work of the selected nurse theorists, and to engage the student(s) in an on-line collaborative experience.

• Each group will be assigned a nurse theorist to discuss using a specific set of criteria. See below
• The group will collaborate in obtaining the essential information and in constructing the written assignment.
• The structure and process for the actual completion of the assignment lies within the group itself. Each member of the group must be responsible for an identifiable part of the actual content.
• Each member of the group is required to review the work of each of the other group members and to provide constructive commentary and/or suggestions for revision, if applicable.
• Each member of the group is required to approve the final assignment prior to its submission.
• Any dissention or conflict that arises within the group is the responsibility of the group to resolve.
• The paper must be no fewer than four (4) and no more than six (6) pages of actual content. That does not include the Title page and Reference page!
• One additional page is required after the Reference page. It is entitled, “Appendix A”. It contains the list of group members and which part(s) each member was responsible for.
• Only one paper will be submitted per group. The group must select the member that is responsible for this task.
• The assignment will be reviewed for content and APA 6th Ed. formatting and assigned a grade by the course faculty member.
• Grading: 75% of the grade for each student will be the score the group assignment earns. 25% of the grade for each student will reflect the Peer Evaluation tool scores.
• The assignment is due by midnight on Friday, Wednesday, September 23rd. If the assignment is late, one (1) point will be deducted for each day past the due date.

• A minimum of four (4) references is required for this assignment. The course textbook by Blais & Hayes (2011) may be one of the references. The other references must be scholarly articles from peer-reviewed nursing journals.
• The group may choose to utilize the Internet for additional reference materials; however, that material may not be utilized for the four (4) required references. The site(s) must be reputable; sites such as the American Nurses Association website or the Sigma Theta Tau International website.
o Websites that are college- or university-based (.edu) are considered reputable.
o Government websites (.gov) are considered reputable.
o Wikipedia is not considered a reputable source of information.

• Double-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman font, 12pt, paragraphs indented
• Title page & Reference page must be included. NOTE: See the required format for the Title Page for Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences inside the APA Resources tab
• Running Head and appropriate Levels of headings (see The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Ed.
• Use 3rd person, singular or plural, e.g., ‘this group’ found, ‘the group’ feels…
• Grammar, punctuation & spelling should be correct; no slang or colloquial speech.
• Correct use of numbers & abbreviations
• Correct in-text citation format

CONTENT: Dorothea Orem Self care theory.

Paper should discuss the following bullet points

• Is the theory specific to on population, group or type of patient? If so, state which
• Is the theory applicable across the continuum of care
• Is the theory applicable across the lifespan
• Has the theory been tested? Does research validate the theory?
o When?
o By whom?

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