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Dream Foreclosed Laura Gottesdiener
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In her book A Dream Foreclosed Laura Gottesdiener quotes lawyer/professor Anita Hill, who wrote, “nothing better represents the twisted path to racial and gender equality in America than the search for home.” (p. 9) In your essay, discuss how homeownership has related to the American Dream for many Americans. Using specific examples from A Dream Foreclosed and at least two other readings, discuss how gender and/or race challenge American homeownership by focusing on examples of race and class in family, education and/or workplace settings.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Format:
o Typed and double-spaced
o Paginated
o No less than 750 words and no more than 850 words
o A title page
o A works cited page

Title Page: You MUST have a title page on which you include all of the following:
o A title
o Your name
o Date
o Word count
o Name of instructor
o LIB Section (letter and section meeting time)
o The prompt you selected
o Use as many are as noted in the essay question (at least three readings for each)
o The three readings must be from the Unit II portion of the Fall 2015 syllabus
o Sources must be cited in the essay only using proper MLA in-text citations

Works Cited Page:
o Include all of the sources used in the essay including films and websites
o Articles in the Rothenberg reader must be listed separately; do not simply cite the reader
o Use only the MLA style format located on the study guide

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