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DSC 573 Final Project
Read the Community Health Needs Assessment and answer all the following 15
questions. Your answers should be from the point of view of a director of MIS for
the rural hospital. Given the information provided, clearly state any assumptions
you need to make in order to create an MIS project plan for the hospital.
Total: 100 points
1. Summarize the needs assessment. (Covered in Module A) 5 points
2. Create an SDLC of the system. (Covered in Module G) 10 points
3. Identify the key components of your system. (Covered in Module B/D) 5 points
4. What are the complementary resources you will need? (Covered in Module A) 5
5. As a result of your design, what are the benefits to the hospital? (Covered in
Module A) 5 points
6. How do align the goals of the hospital with your systems objectives? (Covered
in Module G) 10 points
7. Create a simple Gantt chart of the activities that you will have to schedule. This
will identify how long it will take you to develop the system. (Covered in Module G)
10 points
8. Identify the end users of your system. What is their role in your system?
(Covered in Module G) 5 points
9. Identify the key business processes of the hospital that you are affecting.
(Covered in Module A) 10 points
10. How will your system support CRM and SCM, if at all? Should it, and why?
(Covered in Module G/E) 5 points
11. How do you propose to protect patient data within the system? (Covered in
Module C) 5 points
12. What is your plan to develop requirements for this system? (Covered in Module
E) 5 points
13. Is there are requirement for wireless activity in your system use; why or why
not? (Covered in Module B) 5 points
14. How do you propose to have continuous improvement in your system? Is it
important for the hospital system to be competitive? (Covered in Module F) 10
15. Is it necessary for the system to give the hospital a competitive advantage
over other hospitals? (Covered in Module A) 5 points

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