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1. You are employed at Healthy Myles Fitness Center and are in charge of consolidating the company’s records and other important information into a database. You have already set up the basic structure of the database, created relationships between tables, and created queries. You will now work with forms and reports to enter and view data.

Use the Form tool to create a form based on the tblTrainer table, and then save the form as frmTrainerList. Close the frmTrainerList form.
2. Open the frmEmployeeList form in Layout view and make the following changes:
a. Apply the Facet theme to the frmEmployeeList form only.
b. Change the form title to Employee List.
c. Change the font color of the form title to Dark Green, Accent 2.
d. Save the form, and then switch to viewing the frmEmployeeList form in Form View.
3. In Form View, navigate to the fifth record (with the Employee ID field value 114) in the frmEmployeeList form, and then change the Employee Last field value to Summers. Navigate to the last record (with the Employee ID field value 155), and then change the Title field value to Billing Manager. Save and close the form.
4. Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the tblBilling table. Include all fields in the form, use the Columnar layout, and specify the title frmBillingData.
a. Switch to Layout View, and then edit the form title in the frmBillingData form so that it appears as Billing Data (two words). Save the form.

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