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Emulating Heros

All written assignments are to be submitted via the links in the weekly module. Written assignments must be in a word processing file, and files must be named with the student’s last name first, followed by an underscore(_),followed by the name of the assignment(for example: jones_assignment 1.doc) all must be from the text. All written assignments(except be a minimum of 500 words and offer at least three citations, at least two must come from the book. All written assignments (except the final assignment) are due at 11:59PM Sundays. The final assignment ids due Friday December 11 at 11:59PM The author and title of the book is: LEADERSHIP Essential writings by our greatest thinkers. edited BY Elizabeth D. Samet ISBN-978-0-393-23969-0 This course is called PS-307-01-F-15 Professionalism through biography. I will make photo copiesand email the paGES TO YOU IF YOU CANT FIND THE BOOK ONLINE ANYWHERE. THE PAGES ARE FROM 57-105 THE TITLE IS EMULATING HEROES

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