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Environmental Hazards and Human Health

Primary Task : Write 300 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.

There are various types of water pollution. Water pollution occurs when contaminants enter a water body and the water body becomes impacted; farms, industries, and even homes can be a source of pollution.

Select 1 topic from the following list:

2-Acid rain
3-Salt water intrusion

Discuss the following in regard to your chosen topic:

1-Definition and explanation of your selected pollution topic

2-Causes and sources of this pollution

3-Impacts from the pollution issue both on the natural environment and ecosystems and on human populations

4-Recommended solutions to mitigate the problem

Include a minimum of 1 reference to reinforce your thoughts. Cite this source both in the text of your discussion and include at the end of your reference list.

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