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Environmental science learning portfolio

submit for consideration a learning portfolio. Portfolios will be worth up to 10 points (this is not guaranteed) of extra credit towards your final grade. The portfolio should be a collection of materials that demonstrates that learning has been attempted. Examples of materials which may be included are: assignments, review questions, article reviews/summaries, etc. You will also be given information on how to access a web site called Mastering Environmental Science. Posted there you will find a variety of useful supplements to your text as well as study aids and assignments. You may include any assignments, activities done here in your portfolio. You will receive more info about this site in class. You may not submit photocopies of any material, copies of someone else?s work, or lecture notes. If you include answers to review questions, the answers must be written in your own words (not copied from the book). Graded materials submitted may also include corrections. The portfolio must have an organizational structure (not just a collection of papers stuffed into a folder). Each item should be identified (you should label what each item is and why it was included). You are encouraged to make copies of any materials that you wish to keep for yourself. If you wish to get your portfolios back, you must pick them up from my office by the end of the following semester. All portfolios not picked up by the end of the following semester will be disposed of properly.

You can choose two articles about this topics.
These are the chapter names that I’ve learned in this class.

The scientific method
Matter and Energy
Ecological footprint
Human population
Human health and Toxicology
Biogeochemical cycles
Air pollution
Ozone Depletion
Global warming

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