Project description
Please read the paper which is attached and then paraphrase it. Please make sure to use simple words and don’t copy any word.
1.    Key Points
Three major points from the reading, class session guest instruct
i.    Ergonomics focuses on people’s different sizes, shapes, and background as well as pain tolerances. For certain individuals, their nerves appear close to the skin. As such, the extent of injury for each person tends to differ from one individual to another.
ii.    It is crucial for people to understand that sitting near workstation and resources ensures that their shoulders are properly placed while undertaking their work. This helps to reduce the chances of developing round shoulders.
iii.    Carrying materials from correct zones ensures easier handling of the materials as it takes little energy and ensures a safer way to lift materials. It is also crucial to keep in mind the bar between legs as well as shoulders. One should remember that it is the knee to be bent and not the back.
2.    Reflection
Brief explanation of the significance of the above mentioned points
i.    Ergonomics enlightens people about their exposure to and the risks of wrong sitting postures. It enables people to know their carrying capacity and avoid exceeding them as they undertake various tasks so as to bar them from recurrent symptoms in future.
ii.    Setting the body in the correct posture while at the workstation is crucial for ensuring comfort and ease of material access, thus avoiding possible pain on the arms.
iii.    Improper object handling can result into serious arm and back injuries. The space between feet and shoulder is a crucial balance concept when lifting objects.
3.    Application
Specific application of one of the main points in 1 above
iii) Performing tasks involving massive pressure exertion such as heavy weight lifting, pulling or pushing heavy loads.


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