Essay structured with an appraisal tool

Essay structured with an appraisal tool

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Unit is Epidemiology

This assessment will assess your skills and knowledge in the epidemiological principles taught in the unit through the critical analysis of a published health research study. The assessment requires the application of the appropriate principles to assess the trustworthiness (risks of bias) of published research of a public health intervention using a standard critical appraisal tool. The assessment requires each student to prepare a structured essay of a critical appraisal of an epidemiological study, words using the questions of the prescribed critical appraisal tool. Approximately 3,000 words

1- I will upload the files related to this assignment.
2- I will upload the answer sheet for my friend in the last semester but she wrote in deferent topic but I want you to see her structure to write correctly.
3- I will upload the research study

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