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Ethical Issues

In the unit studies, you completed an interactive CapraTek activity involving a CapraTek employee and the challenges she faced while setting up a new call center in India. For this assignment, you are asked to prepare a brief report that provides an analysis of those events. Use the CapraTek activity for context and incorporate the preliminary work you did during the activity.

In preparing your responses to this situation, consider the following. Use the “SHRM Code of Ethics” as a guideline for your responses.
•Where did Rhonda make mistakes of judgment?
•Where did her actions seem clearly inappropriate in terms of accepting assistance?
•Did CapraTek go wrong at some point in this situation?
•What future dangers do Rhonda and CapraTek face in dealing with the local business community?

To complete this assignment, you will:
•Analyze Rhonda’s ethical judgments to support your position on her conduct.
•Evaluate the impact of Rhonda’s and CapraTek’s ethics in the host country.
•Communicate professionally.

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