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Ethics: Optional Essay“.

Using the Course text. you may write an essay worth up to 20 points. which will be added
In order to earn the maximum number of points- you need to follow this instruction sheet
a: Closely as possrble. The point on plagiarism is especially important: Committing
p aglansm, whether copying it‘ordjfor-istord-fronr the course text. the internet or any
other source- can result in aflar Ffor the course. and your information will be sent to the
administrationfor discrplinan’ measures.
A prisoner is captured who might know where a nuclear bomb is hidden in North
America. The prisoner is not talking, but there is always the option of using torture.
‘Write a script or narrative (i.e., for 11V.) where three out of the following five
indifiduals-an Ethical Relativist, a Divine Command Theorist, a liilitarian, a
Kantian ethicist and a Virtue ethicist-are arguing about what to do in this
Make sure you make the central ideas of each position apparent (for instance, at
some point the Utilitarian should state the Utilitarian formula).
Moreover: One of the three individuals you choose must win the argument. In
other words, your script needs a hero.
As you mite this essay, keep the following in mind:

1) The only resources you may use for this essay is the course text and your brain.
Do NOT use any other source (no library books, no intemet articles).

2) None of the gimmicks high-school students use to make the essay look longer.
No narrow margins, no huge fonts, no big spaces between paragraphs. If I see
any of these gimmicks, I will take points off of your score.

3) DO NOT QUOTE THE COURSE TEXT. Every-thing has to be in your own
words.’.’ I!

4) No rushjobs!!! Don’t hand me a skimpy little essay and CXpect a high score.
You have to write as carefully as possible- 1 will be looking at your grammar and
spelling as well.

5) Enjoy writing the essay: The best way to do this assignment is to get interested in
the tOpic. I can always tell the difference between something passronately
written, and something merely done as an assignment.

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