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executive summary report

In this endeavor, true to what I always preach in class about a sourcing career, realize that you are bringing back your ghosts from accounting, finance, and statistics courses – calculating “beta” of a company’s stock using regression analysis, using the beta value to understand the company’s cost of capital through the CAPM model, and finally using the cost of capital as a discount rate to calculate cash flow for a proposed project and understand NPV, PVI, etc. The first four sheets of the attached excel is geared towards these calculations. A template is attached for your perusal. Please work off of this template and save this template as Template-Team #. This is the file your should submit via Blackboard.

You will also present a one-page executive summary report on the decision to pursue the project based on these calculations. Guidelines on writing the executive summary are attached. PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES VERY CAREFULLY. This is not an easy task to write. Typically, it requires multiple iterations and multiple sets of eyes to sign-off on a good summary, which is NOT POSSIBLE if you start working the day before submission is due!”

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