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Facility Tour of Cameron Drilling Plant Houston Texas

Paper details:
Write a term paper relating to a specific manufacturing plant tour. The student will be required to set up their own tour (in their own respective geographic residence), requesting acceptability thereof through the instructor beforehand (due by the third week of class – see the Course Schedule), documenting their *findings* in a professionally prepared manner. Prior tours conducted by you will be considered; contact your instructor before you start writing the paper. All written work will be prepared by using the APA format (5th Ed. As of August 4th, 2008). The term paper will be a MS Word document with a cover sheet detailing the: Title, Name and Number of the Course, Date, and Student’s Name. The text will be typed, 12-point font, double-spaced, numbered and contain a reference sheet at the end (with at least four references noted therein). Your report should also contain research on the key aspects of facilities engineering and materials management. This would include using the course textbook and online resources for citation of companies and consultants who have “Facilities Engineering” all figured out. This should be a document that could be published in a recognized journal. Who knows, someday you may wish to do this! To demonstrate your MS Powerpoint skills, a presentation is also required for other undergraduate and graduate students to view. It should contain the highlights of your plant tour and research efforts. The final slide should contain at least four references used to compose your term paper. A manufacturing plant tour is the optimal place for focus in this term paper. But for those of you serving in the military, possibly somewhere outside of the continental USA, the tour of a familiar military site or service business near you will be accepted (please clear this with your commanding officer prior to submitting the request to me). Note: Due to our current state of national tension, please only choose sites that would not compromise security of your fellow military personnel. I’ll work with you on this… just contact me via email. *Findings* consist of contemplative commentary on issues pertinent to this class. This should include, but not be limited to, the following: Products manufactured Plant layout (approximate sketch with major equipment, product lines, material, people, etc.) Size of the building Manufacturing flow of products How time studies are used in the facility Employee friendliness (space, amenities, etc.) Material handling methods utilized Material handling equipment used (detail is needed) Office provisions Facility engineering successes of the company (what you feel has been done well) Facility engineering areas for company improvement (what you feel could be optimized) The MS Word term paper and MS Powerpoint presentation documents are due as listed in the Course Schedule. Please name your Word file “TermPaper-YourName.doc and upload it using the link at the top of this assignment. Please upload the presentation in the Discussion Board forum

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