Feedback and Coaching Introduction

Feedback and Coaching Introduction

Topic     Assignment 4: Feedback and Coaching Introduction In this module, you have gained knowledge about and practiced giving feedback and coaching sessions. In this assignment, you will demonstrate the depth of your knowledge and your level of skill by conducting both a feedback and coaching session with a volunteer partner. Concentrate on your preparation for each session and your reflections after each session rather than your performance during the session. After you have conducted both sessions, you will document your results in a report. This assignment will comprise of 20 per cent of your final course grade and will be marked out of 100. Instructions Choose a person in your organization or department that you feel would benefit from performance feedback and coaching. Make sure the person is aware that you will be delivering feedback and coaching. Make certain that you ask permission from the person and that the person willingly agrees to participate. Explain to the person that the sessions are part of a course assignment. Set the parameters of each session clearly before you begin. Part A: Scripting a Feedback Session (40 marks) Write a one- to two-page report (approximately 250–500 words) that describes the feedback you would like to deliver to a person in your organization or department. For purposes of anonymity, assign a new name to the person. After you have prepared your script, conduct the session. Your report should: Describe the performance issue. (10 marks) Identify a competency linked to the issue (why is it important to the organization that the issue be resolved?). (10 marks) Include the script of the feedback session. Include questions and describe your process. (15 marks) Summarize how the session went. Identify what went well and what you would change. (5 marks) Apply the skill/will matrix—where does the person fit within the matrix. (10 marks) Part B: Coaching Session (40 marks) After you have completed the feedback session, arrange to have a coaching session (a coaching conversation). During your session, remember to ask questions, listen actively, and whenever possible, help the individual to look at the problem from a variety of perspectives. Take time to brainstorm alternatives and come up with a plan of action. Let the person choose the options that seem most energizing or exciting, but make sure that they are in line with the organizational goal. Then write a one- to two-page report (approximately 250–500 words) that summarizes the coaching session. Include in the report the following details: List the questions you used and explain why you used them. (20 marks) Describe how the performance goal was chosen. (10 marks) Describe some of the ideas that came out of the brainstorming session. Include the actual action plan. (10 marks) Based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, describe the extent style played in your assessment of each person in your work group. Are there individuals in your work group who have different styles? (10 marks) Part C: Support and Tracking (20 marks) Describe the supports required to help the employee be successful in the future, Consider what assistance, training, coaching or future support is needed to ensure that the employee is on track and focused on making a positive change in the future, When will you check in and review the progress made and how will you measure or evaluate the effort or lack of effort that results from the coaching session.


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